“Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: The Ultimate Friendly Exes Spotted Together in Santa Monica”

Ben Affleck and his former wife, Jennifer Garner, were spotted co-parenting their children with ease, as they met up and left together in a car in Santa Monica. The Hollywood stars are proud parents of three kids – Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. Affleck, who recently celebrated one year of marriage with Jennifer Lopez, seemed to be on friendly terms with Garner, given that she had hugged him during a previous meeting. The ex-couple looked casual and relaxed in their attire as they headed out in a luxury Mercedes-Benz. Affleck donned a gray long-sleeved top, blue jeans, and white Air Jordan Nikes while Garner sported a black top with gray pants and sunglasses.

Good terms: Ben Affleck, 51, and ex-wife Jennifer Garner, 51, appear to be co-parenting seamlessly

Ben Affleck, who is currently 51 years old, and his former spouse Jennifer Garner, also 51, seem to be working together smoothly to parent their children.

Moving forward: They were pictured meeting up then leaving in a black Mercedes-Benz luxury car

The article discusses the recent sighting of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who were seen together leaving in a black Mercedes-Benz luxury car. The two had initially met while working on films such as Pearl Harbor and Daredevil, and got married in 2005 after starting a family with three children: Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. However, in 2015 they announced their separation and waited three years before finalizing their divorce. Affleck later moved on with Jennifer Lopez, to whom he got engaged before meeting Garner. Despite the separation, an insider revealed that Garner and Lopez have established a cordial and healthy relationship as they balance out their blended family. They are both committed to the well-being of their children and have open communication to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Details: Affleck appeared to be on good terms with Garner after she was seen giving him a hug during a previous meeting earlier this month.

Affleck and Garner seemed to have a cordial relationship as evidenced by their recent meeting where Garner was observed embracing Affleck.

Happily married: Affleck celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary to Jennifer Lopez, 54, this past summer. Pictured in June in LA

Ben Affleck recently marked his one-year wedding anniversary with Jennifer Lopez, and is currently producing a heist thriller film called The Instigators featuring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck in the lead roles. The movie follows two robbers who take help from their therapist after a failed heist. Other actors in the film include Hong Chau, Paul Walter Hauser, Michael Stuhlbarg, Ving Rhames, Alfred Molina, Ron Perlman, and Jack Harlow. Affleck is also producing a sports drama called Unstoppable, starring Jennifer Lopez and Jharrel Jerome, which revolves around Anthony Robles, a wrestler born with one leg who won a national championship at Arizona State. Additionally, Affleck is the executive producer for the historical drama Small Things Like These, with Cillian Murphy, Ciaran Hinds, and Emily Watson in lead roles.

Flashback: Affleck and Garner wed in 2005 and were married until 2018; pictured in 2014 in LA

Looking back: The union of Affleck and Garner took place in 2005 and lasted until 2018; a photo from 2014 captures them in LA.

Behind-the-camera: Affleck is currently focused of producing three films now in production after directing and starring in the sports drama Air with Matt Damon

Affleck is currently focused on producing three films that are already in production. He recently directed and starred in the biographical sports drama film, Air, alongside his lifelong friend and business partner at Artists Equity production company, Matt Damon. The movie tells the story of Sonny Vaccaro, a sports marketing executive who led Nike’s pursuit of Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time. Initially, Air was only going to be released on Amazon Prime Video, but after impressive results from test screenings, Amazon Studios decided to release it theatrically. Despite having a budget projected to be between $70-90 million, the movie grossed over $90 million.

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