“Aww-worthy Moment with J.Lo: Her Twins Joining Her on Ellen Show and Unveiling Her Daughter’s Cute Fashion Sense”

Jennifer Lopez made a surprising move during her guesting on Ellen’s talk show when she introduced her nine-year-old twins, Max and Emme, to the audience. In a sneak peek of the show, Ellen asked J.Lo if her kids were with her. The singer then asked if she could bring them out, and Ellen gave her the go signal. The twins walked out to their mother’s famous song, “Jenny From The Block.”

Family affair: Jennifer Lopez brought her twins Emme (L) and Max (R) onto her appearance on Ellen, which airs Monday

Jennifer Lopez made an appearance on the popular talk show, “Ellen,” with her adorable twins, Emme and Max. The stylish mom showed off her fashion skills by dressing her kids in trendy outfits that perfectly suited their personalities. Emme shone in a beautiful silver dress, while Max looked dapper in a white sweater jacket paired with red plaid pants. During the show, Emme sat comfortably on her mother’s lap, while Max was initially shy and hid behind a seat before snuggling into his mom’s arms. Ellen couldn’t help but notice how much Emme resembled Jennifer, whom she lovingly referred to as her “mini-me.”

Who? He admitted that Lopez's children Emme and Max (pictured on Ellen in April) on the other hand ¿ whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony ¿ were not as impressed with his career 

During their school spring break, Emme and Max, the offspring of Jennifer Lopez, received a pleasant surprise. Their mother treated them to a live rendition of her famous tune “Jenny From The Block,” and they exited the venue with joyous grins plastered across their faces.

Loving mom: In the appearance, J.Lo revealed that she calls her daughter Lulu, and that the child is her 'Mini-Me'

Loving Mom: J.Lo sweetly called her little girl Lulu while on the show and even mentioned how much they looked alike. Ellen, who was decked out in a grey suit and blue shirt, playfully remarked that she and Max had coordinated outfits.

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Elton John was admitted to the hospital after he had an accident at his home. Meanwhile, during a live performance, Max began to conceal himself behind a wooden box. Ellen observed and assisted Max in entering the box, where he spent some time while his family members were being interviewed. Ellen playfully commented that Max seemed to be having a good time in there.

Hi-jinks: Max spiced things up by hiding behind a seat and in a table during their appearance 

On their recent visit to the Ellen show, Max added some excitement by playing hide and seek. He hid behind a seat and a table, causing some playful commotion. Ellen humorously suggested that J.Lo may have similar hiding spots at home, to which J.Lo revealed that it was actually the quietest Max had been in nine years. During a conversation with Emme about her texting habits, Max couldn’t resist making a peeping noise from his hiding spot. This prompted Ellen to ask if he also texts, but Max responded by telling her to close up the box. J.Lo then revealed that Max can be quite bossy at times.

New project: Lopez appeared on Ellen to promote her new NBC show, World of Dance 

Take a look at J.Lo’s newest venture: The famous celebrity appeared on Ellen’s talk show to discuss her upcoming World of Dance series on NBC.

Happy mom: The multi-talented performer gave birth to the twins in February of 2008

A happy mom: The multi-talented performer happily greeted her two little blessings in February of 2008.

New romance: J.Lo revealed to Ellen that she met new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez while she was at an LA restaurant, introducing herself to him by tapping him on the shoulder and saying, 'Hi Alex'

During her recent appearance on the Ellen show, J.Lo spilled the beans about how she met her current beau, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. She revealed that they crossed paths at a restaurant in LA, where she boldly introduced herself by tapping him on the shoulder and greeting him. While promoting her upcoming NBC series World of Dance, J.Lo also engaged in playful banter with Ellen regarding her son Max’s box, which unraveled during the interview. In addition to discussing her career endeavors, J.Lo didn’t shy away from sharing details about her blossoming romance.

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