A Sneak Peek into Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Wedding: JLo Reminisces on an Unforgettable Year

Reflecting on a phenomenal year, Jennifer Lopez recently shared a series of images on her Instagram account. The singer, famously known as Jenny From The Block, posted photographs from each month of 2022, with a particular emphasis on August when she tied the knot with Ben Affleck. To commemorate the special occasion, the 53-year-old star shared exclusive pictures from her wedding celebration, featuring her in a stunning Ralph Lauren gown and him in an elegant white tuxedo.

Timeless: Jennifer Lopez was looking back on her spectacular 2022. The Jenny From The Block singer took to Instagram on Monday to post images from every month of the year with a special focus on the month of August which is when she wed Ben Affleck

Everlasting: Jennifer Lopez reminisced about her unforgettable 2022. The singer, famously known as ‘Jenny From The Block’, uploaded a collection of pictures on Instagram, showcasing each month of the year. However, her attention seemed to be drawn to August, the month when she tied the knot with Ben Affleck.

A closer look: To celebrate August, the 53-year-old dynamo posted never-before-seen photos from her wedding where she had on a Ralph Lauren gown and he was in a dashing white tuxedo

Taking a closer look at Jennifer Lopez’s recent social media activity, the multi-talented star has shared some never-before-seen photos from her wedding in August. In the pictures, the 53-year-old is wearing a stunning Ralph Lauren gown while her husband dons a handsome white tuxedo. In her caption, Jennifer expresses her excitement for what’s to come in the new year and includes hashtags for ‘Happy New Year,’ ‘I’m Just Getting Started,’ ‘Waiting For Tonight,’ and ‘This Is Me Now,’ which is also the title of her new album. Since the start of January, Jennifer has been spotted on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, posing in front of a poster for her upcoming rom-com movie, Marry Me. She’s also been busy promoting her JLO Beauty line and showing some affection for her partner Ben.

So good for her: '2¿¿0¿¿2¿¿2¿¿ was one of the best years yet!!! I cannot wait for all that¿s to come next year,' wrote the Hustlers actress in her caption

What a fantastic year it has been for her! The renowned Hustlers actress expressed her excitement for the upcoming year in her caption by saying, “2022 is going to be even better, and I can hardly wait!”

The dress is a showstopper: She also shared this image of her wedding down during a fitting

Isn’t the dress just stunning? JLo herself posted a photo of her wedding gown during a fitting and it’s definitely a showstopper. Earlier this year, in February, the singer from the Bronx was spotted having dinner with Ben in a kitchen, totally makeup-free. Then in March, they were seen on vacation with Jennifer wearing overalls and wrapping her arm around her beau. They even locked lips on a set in NYC. Fast forward to April, when JLo displayed her gorgeous green diamond engagement ring from Ben. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, come May, she was already looking at sketches of her wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials with Affleck.

Trying it on: She followed with hashtags for 'Happy New Year, I'm Just Getting Started, Waiting For Tonight and This Is Me Now,' which is the name of her new album

Giving it a shot: She added some hashtags to her post to ring in the New Year, including ‘Happy New Year,’ ‘I’m ready to take on 2021,’ ‘Waiting For Tonight,’ and ‘This Is Me Now,’ which happens to be the title of her upcoming album.

In her boudoir: Jenny was also seen in a tiny off-white robe inside her bathroom

Jenny was spotted donning a cute little off-white robe while she was in her boudoir. During June, she was busy promoting her documentary, Halftime, and posing for various photo shoots. In July, she gave us a glimpse of her spontaneous Las Vegas wedding to Ben as she sat on the back of a car with her veil flowing in the wind. She even flew to Paris for a fitting of her wedding gown. Then came August, where it was finally time for her big day. We caught a glimpse of her staring at herself in the mirror while wearing one of her stunning RL gowns.

Before the big day: Prior to their walk down the aisle, the couple said I do in Las Vegas

Leading up to their wedding ceremony, the couple exchanged their vows in Las Vegas.

Sin-fully beautiful: Here the diva is seen in Sin City before becoming Mrs Affleck

A breathtaking beauty: The diva was captured in Sin City before tying the knot with Mr. Affleck. A snapshot shows her adorned in a stunning satin wedding gown, standing beside Ben with a car door open. In September, she soaked up the sun on vacation in a two-piece bikini. In October, she was spotted donning a shirt and khaki slacks with wet hair in a dressing room. Her fans also caught a glimpse of her in black lingerie paired with a white shirt. Come November, she was photographed at her home, dressed in a floral outfit. In December, she posed in a gorgeous pink gown, complete with heels. Not to mention, her Vogue cover was featured. Furthermore, her pictures for “This is Me Now” were released. However, the highlight of the throwback was her wedding attire. The actress tied the knot with Ben at his $8.9 million Georgian mansion in August. Subsequently, she shared her thoughts about the nuptials in her newsletter. ‘As I made my way down the stairs, and he saw me, it all made perfect sense, yet it felt surreal, like a beautiful dream where you never want to wake up,’ she reminisced.

Blushing bride: They had a three-day wedding extravaganza at Affleck 's $8.9 million Georgia estate; this image was shared in September

The bride blushed as she recounted the three-day wedding extravaganza held at Affleck’s luxurious $8.9 million estate in Georgia, which was shared in September. She confessed that she would have had similar thoughts if she wasn’t so focused on not tripping over her dress. However, when she finally saw her groom’s face, everything made perfect sense to her. The occasion not only brought them together, but it also healed old wounds and lifted the weight of the past off their shoulders. The Let’s Get Loud singer gushed that it was a full-circle moment, and though things didn’t go as planned, it was better than they imagined. To describe the wedding reception, the bride chose to share a quote from Affleck’s 2016 movie Live By Night, which said: “This is heaven. Right here. We’re in it now.”

Look of love: The couple slow danced under a neon 'Mr.   Mrs. Affleck' sign

The couple moved to the rhythm of a soft melody under the enchanting glow of a neon sign that read ‘Mr. Mrs. Affleck’. It was clear to anyone watching that they were deeply in love, lost in the moment and each other’s embrace.

Blushing bride: The star wore a gorgeous figure-hugging wedding dress and veil

The beautiful bride looked stunning in her form-fitting wedding gown and veil. Prior to the ceremony, Jennifer Lopez shared that it had been raining every day at sunset, which made everyone worry about the heat, possibility of thunderstorms, and recovery from a stomach bug that affected their entire family that week. Despite these unexpected setbacks, Lopez remained confident and never doubted that everything would work out. She felt a calm and easy certainty that they were in God’s hands throughout the week. Finally, on August twentieth at 6:45 pm, the sun broke through the clouds and shone like diamonds over the river behind their makeshift altar in the backyard.

'When he saw me appear at the top of the stairs that moment it both made absolute sense while seeming still impossibly hard to believe, like the best dream, where all you want is never to awaken,' she wrote recalled.

She reminisced about the time when he caught sight of her as she stepped onto the staircase. It was such a surreal moment that made perfect sense but also felt too good to be true, like a dream that you never want to end.

Straight out of a fairytale: The blushing bride opted to describe their wedding reception by sharing a quote written by Affleck for his 2016 movie Live By Night, which read: 'This is heaven. Right Here. We¿re in it now'

The bride, reminiscent of a fairytale princess, chose to describe her wedding reception with a quote from Affleck’s 2016 film Live By Night: “This is heaven. Right Here. We’re in it now.” Prior to their rehearsal dinner, the JLo Beauty founder shared that she and Ben had jokingly talked about getting married again at their age. Having been previously married, they both found that now was the only time that made sense. She also mentioned being touched by Rainer Marie Rilke’s poem, Letters to a Young Poet, which discusses being ready for love and the joy of giving happiness and love rather than just receiving it.

Husband and wife: Before their rehearsal dinner, the JLo Beauty founder admitted that she and Ben had a laugh 'the night before about getting married again' at their age

The founder of JLo Beauty revealed that she and her husband had a funny conversation about tying the knot again despite their age, just before their rehearsal dinner.

Worrisome: Ahead of the ceremony, Lopez revealed that 'it had rained at sunset every day that week' and everyone was getting worried about the heat, likelihood of thunder and lighting' and if they would recuperate in time from the stomach bug 'all' of their family caught that week

Concerned: Prior to the event, Lopez shared that the weather had been a cause for concern as it had rained every evening leading up to it. The heat, possibility of thunderstorms, and recovery from a stomach bug that affected their entire family were also on everyone’s minds.

Just perfect: Despite others concerns with the 'unexpected setbacks,' Lopez insisted she 'never had one doubt'

Absolutely flawless: Despite the worries of others about any unforeseen problems, Lopez confidently affirmed that she never had a single moment of uncertainty.

'All week I felt the calm and easy certainty that we were in God¿s hands,' she raved. 'At six forty-five, Saturday, August twentieth, the sun broke free and cast its rays like little diamonds dancing across the river behind the makeshift altar in our backyard'

Throughout the week leading up to their wedding day, she felt a sense of calm and confidence that they were under God’s protection. On the day of the ceremony, the sun broke free and shone brilliantly on the river behind the makeshift altar. Although everyone has their own unique story and journey, for them, the timing was perfect as they had reconnected nearly twenty years after their first engagement. Having experienced both loss and joy, they understood the importance of cherishing every moment and not taking things for granted. The morning after their wedding, they hosted a lovely brunch by the lake with a down-home, rustic feel. Despite the many obstacles they had faced, they had finally arrived at a point in life where they could appreciate all of its complexities. They wished happiness for all others, especially the kind that is earned through difficult experiences.

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