45-Year-Old Jennifer Lopez Rocks Effortless Style with Wet Hair, Plaid Shirt, and Toned Legs

Jennifer Lopez, the Hollywood star known for her beauty, doesn’t always rely on her team of stylists for her day-to-day errands. In a recent sighting, the 45-year-old actress was seen leaving her NYC residence with a relaxed, messy bun and just a touch of makeup, giving us a glimpse of her effortless natural charm.

Street style: Jennifer Lopez was spotted on Wednesday leaving her building in New York City still looking gorgeous with wet hair and minimal makeup

Urban sophistication: Jennifer Lopez was spotted leaving her New York City apartment on Wednesday, radiating elegance with her freshly washed hair and flawless natural makeup.

Gold laces: The 45-year-old singer showed off her toned legs with white shorts and trendy wedge sneakers

Gold shoelaces: A 45-year-old vocalist showed off her toned legs in white shorts matched with fashionable wedge sneakers. Her laid-back yet stylish outfit consisted of a flannel shirt, dark shades, and trendy white and gold shoes. Lopez rocked distressed white shorts, highlighting her well-defined legs. Currently in New York shooting Shades of Blue, she has been spotted sporting an elegant look while on the go.

Get it girl: Lopez is busy filming the new hour-long NBC series Shades of Blue in Manhattan as well as various locations in New York

Get it girl: Lopez is busy filming the new hour-long NBC series Shades of Blue in Manhattan as well as various locations in New York

Lopez is currently juggling her time between acting and overseeing production as an executive producer for the new NBC series Shades Of Blue. In the show, she plays a single mom and an undercover FBI agent working on a task force against corruption. On set, Lopez fully embraces her character, often sporting stylish forest green pants paired with a white tee and a chic tan trench coat. Despite her hectic schedule, the American Idol judge remains cheerful and enthusiastic, sometimes seen in a cozy black Victoria’s Secret robe with a grey tank top during filming breaks. In addition to her acting role, Lopez is also serving as an executive producer for the 13-episode drama, highlighting her diverse talents in the entertainment industry.

Cop persona: The mother of two was spotted on July 15 wearing green wide-leg pants, a white tee and trench coat to portray an undercover FBI agent

Wearing green wide-leg trousers, a white tee, and a trench coat, the mother of two channeled her inner FBI agent on the 15th of July.

All smiles: The American Idol judge also knows how to relax in between takes as seen here wearing a comfortable Victoria's Secret robe

Known for always having a smile on her face, the judge on American Idol knows how to relax during her breaks, often seen in a cozy Victoria’s Secret robe. Jennifer Lopez, who is set to turn 46 this Friday, has plenty to celebrate besides just another year of life. Her latest movie, Lila & Eve, co-starring Viola Davis, is now available On Demand and on iTunes. On top of that, Lopez is getting ready for her upcoming Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood Casino And Resort, which is just a few months away. Excited about the opportunity, she mentioned, ‘I have been preparing for this moment my whole life.’ The Bronx-born singer and actress also shared, ‘The show will be a lively Jenny From The Block party, incorporating all the elements my fans and I love – Dance, Hip Hop, Latin, and Pop. It’s going to be the show of my dreams.’

Glam days: The  beauty shows off just how incredibly fabulous she can look with the help of a hair, makeup and fashion team when styled for the Billboard Music Awards  on May 17

Glowing like a beacon in the night sky, the gorgeous celebrity captivates everyone with her perfect look, courtesy of a skilled squad of hair and makeup professionals, as well as fashion stylists, at the Billboard Music Awards on May 17th.

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